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Clemson University's Research in Self-Extinguishing Lithium-Ion Batteries

Exciting developments in lithium-ion battery technology are emerging as researchers at Clemson University make strides toward creating self-extinguishing batteries. This innovative approach could significantly reduce the risk of battery fires, offering a promising solution to a pressing fire safety concern.

Lithium-ion batteries are common throughout our daily lives, powering everything from smartphones to electric vehicles. However, their susceptibility to overheating and causing fires has posed a considerable hazard. The research focuses on integrating a flame-retardant additive into the battery that activates upon excessive heat, effectively extinguishing potential fires before they can spread.

This advancement is a critical step forward in fire prevention and community risk reduction. By addressing the inherent dangers of lithium-ion batteries, we can enhance safety measures and raise awareness about the importance of proper battery use and disposal.

Source: Clemson University. (2024). Self-extinguishing batteries could reduce the risk of deadly and costly battery fires. Retrieved from

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