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Risk Reduction Review

Expert Perspectives in Fire Safety & Community Risk Reduction

Our website is dedicated to the ever-evolving world of community risk reduction and fire and building safety. My name is Tim Spears, and I bring to you two decades of experience as a Fire Marshal, a journey marked by constant learning and a commitment to safety.

Our website aims to be more than just a collection of news stories. It's a platform for sharing insights, experiences, and developments from around the globe that directly impact our work as building and fire safety professionals. Whether you're a seasoned expert in this field or someone with a growing interest, our content is curated to add value to your professional journey.


The core of our website is a commitment to enhancing safety and awareness. Each story, is chosen to illuminate the challenges and innovations shaping our industry. Our goal is to foster a community of informed professionals who are equipped to make a difference in their respective spheres.


As we embark on this journey together, I am eager to connect with each of you. Your insights, feedback, and contributions are what will make this newsletter a rich and valuable resource. Let's work together to make our communities safer, one story at a time. Connect with me on LinkedIn and X for more insights.


Looking forward to our shared growth and learning,


Portrait of Tim Spears, experienced Fire Marshal and founder of Risk Reduction Review, smiling to represent leadership
Tim Spears

Editor of the Risk Reduction Review

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